Horses Only Clinic

A whole day dedicated to Equine Bowen Therapy and Equissage massage treatments, treating up to 10 horses in a day (minimum of 6 horses needed to run a clinic) at the same yard.

The day is sectioned up into hourly slots where Charlotte individually assesses your horse and performs a full treatment to help relieve any issues your horse my have.

Each treatment aims to release and realign the horses muscular structure, aid pain relief and improve the horses range of movement, flexibility and overall performance.

Your horse my benefit from treatment if they are suffering from one or more of the following:- 

  • Sore or tight through the back

  • Stiff on one rein
  • Reluctant to go forward
  • Bucking/Rearing/Napping
  • Disunited / have canter lead difficulties
  • Falling through the shoulders
  • Unlevel / uncomfortable
  • Refusing to Jump / knocking poles
  • Uptight / tense
  • uncharacteristic change in behaviour and temperament

Host your own clinic day at your yard and enjoy watching and learning whilst your horses relax and enjoy their treatment.

If your horse is not kept at the clinic venue please arrive 15 minutes before your time slot to allow your horse time to settle in to their new surroundings

Treatment - £40 per horse per treatment ( saving of £5)

The host will receive a FREE treatment for their own horse on the day of the clinic.

Horse and rider Clinics 

A whole day that includes an individual or group ridden assessment to analyse how each partnership work together followed by treatments for both horse and rider to help them both improve their own individual well-being and partnership performance together. These clinics require 3 or 4 horse and rider combinations and can be run in 2 different formats:-

  • Format A is for suitable when a Clinic is being run at a livery yard and all participants are stabled at that yard or are all friends and are happy to spend the day together watching and learning as each others horses are being treated and having a group lunch. The day starts with a 30 minute group ridden assessment so Charlotte can see how horse and rider work together. Then the day is sectioned into 1hr slots where the people are treated in the morning in a warm quiet room and the horses are treated in the afternoon in their stables, with a 45 minute break for lunch.

  • Format B is suitable when a clinic is held at a yard and the participants are either stabled there or visiting the yard. The day will be split into 2 1/4hr slots where there will be a ridden /groundwork assessment of the horse and rider together followed by individual treatments for both horse and rider, treating the person first in a warm quiet room followed by the horse in their stable. It is important that there is a second person to care for the horse whilst the rider is being treated. 

Price is £80 per horse and rider combination (saving of £10).

 Somerset visits dates

Somerset Dates (covering all of Somerset)

To book in please contact Charlotte. If you would like to host a clinic then additional days can be arranged to suit you.