Horse Services

Equine Bowen Therapy (EBT)

Equine Bowen Therapy is a non intrusive, highly effective muscular and fasial release treatment that works the whole of the horses body to release tightness and tension, elevate pain and discomfort and restore balance for the horse.

In each session Charlotte works quietly and intuitively tailoring each session to the horses individual needs, releasing and realign the horses muscular structure, relieving the horse of any pain or discomfort, mediating healing and improving the horses range of movement, flexibility, overall performance and well-being.

Charlotte will assess and treat your horse using her skills as a Bowen therapist and incorporate additional stretching techniques. You will receive advise on your horses after-care post treatment including a written report of your horses treatment that can be sent to you via email.

 £50 per horse per session

Niagara Equissage Pulse CVT Massage Therapy

Niagara Equissage uses Cycloid Vibrational Therapy to provide both deep and gentle massage. CVT uses unique elliptical movement that create a cycloid vibration as the multidirectional energy waves move up, down, left and right whist rotating on a constant basis.

A full Equissage massage treatment consists of using the Equissage Pulse Pad on a couple cycles using either the same programme at different intensities or a combination of programmes depending on the horses needs. If the horse has any specific areas that require additional attention such as the hamstrings or base of neck, then the hand held unit will be use to work on these areas while the pulse pad is on.

Treatment lasts approximately 1hr.

£50 per horse per session


Charlotte has her own unique approach to training horses and teaches the rider to work with their horse and develop a true partnership together allowing them to improve and perfect their skills. Contact Charlotte for more information.

Private (1hr) - £40

Private (30mins) - £25

Semi - private (1hr) - £25 each

Freelance Riding - exercising and schooling.

If you need your horse exercised during the week whilst you are at work, to keep them fit, or if you would like you horse to improve their performance either on the flat or jumping but dont feel that you are able to do it or are confident / experienced enough; then contact Charlotte and she will be more than happy to fill in for you and work with your horse to help you achieve your goals. 

Charlotte is a sympathetic and effective rider who always adapts her way of riding very quickly to compliment the horse she is working with, and always gives the horse a positive experience.

£25 per horse and then £10 per additional horse at the same yard. 

Holistic Rehabilitation

If your horse has suffered an injury or a trauma and you are struggling to rehabilitate them in the traditional way, or if you feel that your horse isn't responding to traditional methods as well as you had hoped, then Charlotte can carry out a full Holistic Rehabilitation Assessment and create a programme that she would recommend in order to rehabilitate your horse back to full physical, mental and emotional health.

Charlotte works alongside the vets as well as many other equine professionals and has a large network of professionals to call upon and refer to. A Holistic Rehabilitation Assessment is not a substitute for veterinary advice or treatment it is designed as a complementary accompaniment.

* Please note that more details of this service will be uploaded to this page soon as this site is currently under construction.

Stallion Covering and Mindful Breeding

Our fabulous stallion That Boy Ronnie, aka Ronnie, is a stunning black Irish Sports Horse stallion who resides at Charlottes private yard.

Standing at 16.2HH he is a gentle giant and is very good to handle both on the ground and when ridden. He has lovely correct movement and is athletic over a fence.

Stud covering is available in the form of natural live cover at pasture where both the stallion and the mare can express natural and normal horse behaviour when mating. Allowing the horses to breed in a natural way, loose in the field, means the horses are able to display their natural behaviour and interact socially reducing any unnecessary anxiety and stress, and increasing the chance of conception.