Bowen Therapy Treatments 

Charlotte is qualified in the Bowen Technique and uses this alongside her knowledge and experience of stretch exercises to perform treatments on people to aid muscular-fascial release, relaxation and healing.

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, non-intrusive remedial treatment that works the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia layer to promote healing, pain relief and physical realignment. Charlotte will look at the Biomechanics of the body and understands that every part of your body is connected to another in some way.

During a treatment thumb and figure pressure is used to make rolling type moves over muscles, ligaments and tendons to create a disturbance within the body. This action sends vibrations through the fascia layer and to surrounding muscles. Bowen stimulates the nerve endings within the fascia layer which helps to release nerves allowing messages to arrive at the brain in an understandable format. By stimulating the nervous system, many other internal and external systems are also heightened such as the circulatory system, digestive system, reproductive system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, muscular system, and so on. Bowen does have an effect on the internal workings of the body and encourages these systems to resume normal function. By being able to treat both the external and internal structure, Bowen can enhance energy levels and a sense of wellbeing.

A treatment consists of a series of moves, usually with the client lying on a comfortable treatment couch. Where necessary, treatment will be given seated d or standing. The treatment itself involves periods of rest between moves. These rest periods allow the brain to process any messages sent, and followed by neurological messages sent from the brain the body is able to begin responding immediately. Treatment is carried out through light clothing ie t-shirt and loose fitting trousers.

Charlotte has a portable treatment couch and therefore is able to visit you and treat you in the comfort of your own home.

A treatment usually takes between 40 minutes and an hour. Price is £45 per treatment.

Commonly presented conditions

Back pain / neck pain / shoulder pain

clicking jaw / Jaw stiffness and pain

Pelvic rotation/twist/tilt

Sporting injuries

Spinal deformity

knee pain/stiffness

Twisted/sprained ankle

Tennis or golfers elbow

RSI / Carpal tunnel



Chronic fatigue


Headaches and migraines

Digestive problems

Respiratory conditions

Post Treatment - After Care Advice

The 3 W's

WATER is essential for good health. Bowen increases the blood supply to the nerve endings and affects the movement of lymph around the body; the effective functioning of these systems relies entirely on a good constant supply of water. Aim to drink 2 litres a day. A common reaction after a Bowen treatment is a mild headache as this is a common symptom of dehydration. Water should be taken in small quantities; regular sips will have a dramatic effect. Tea, coffee, fruit juice, squash, herbal tea does not count as water. If you would like to work out how much water you personally should drink per day here is a small calculation

( BODY WEIGHT (KG) x 2 ) ÷ 100 = NUMBER of LITRES of WATER to drink per day

WALKING as with water assists the movement of lymph around the body to remove toxins. On the day of treatment, post – treatment it is best to minimise how long you are seated for; if travelling stop every half hour and walk round the car twice, or in TV breaks get up and walk around the room for a few seconds. Standing regularly prevents stiffness and soreness and in doing so ‘resets’ the work. However, you must not play or participate in extreme exercise for 24 hrs post treatment ie a full game of rugby or a football match.

WEEK or 5 - 10 days is the recommended time to leave between treatments in order to allow the body time to respond before a reassessment. However there are cases that need repeat treatments within the week period; re injury to problem area or another part of the body, pre and post surgery, pregnancy, persons who are immobilised in bed or in a wheelchair, palliative care, stroke victims or any form of brain damage. Ask your therapist to write up a maintenance plan for you so you keep in good health ie 3 weekly treatments followed by one a month later, then one 3 months later, then one every 6 months.