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Stallion covering and Mindful Breeding

Our resident stallion is available to cover mares on site by Natural Live Cover at Pasture and stay on stud livery both pre and post covering.

Natural Live Cover at Pasture is where both the stallion and the mare are loose in a safe secure field together where they can express natural and normal horse behaviour and the stallion will cover the mare naturally. When a mare arrives on stud livery for covering, firstly she will be allowed time to settle in to her new environment, and then the mare will be introduced gradually to the stallion by first being turned out in a paddock next to the stallion paddock so they can meet over the fence line. This allows us to evaluate when the mare is ready to be covered and naturally stimulates the stallion as well as allowing the horses to display their natural initial behaviour without kicking each other. When the mare shows that she is ready and the stallion is interested in the mare, they will be turned out together in a field for a few days and allowed to mate. The horses will be supervised to ensure the stallion covers the mare and when we feel the mare has been successfully covered the vet will be notified and an appointment made to scan the mare. Allowing the horses to breed in a natural way, loose in the field, means the horses are able to display their natural behaviour and interact socially reducing any unnecessary anxiety and stress, and increasing the chance of conception. 

Stud fee - £500

Stud Livery - £30 per day (based on an average stay of 1 week) including 24/7 care, turnout, hay and bedding if stabled.

That Boy Ronnie - 16.2HH traditional IDxTB Black Stallion